How it Works

  • Choose a piece of pottery and take a clean wet sponge to take off any dust or marks.
  • Take a look at some of the designs available to transfer onto your piece, choose some shaped sponges or draw on your own design with the felt tip pens provided.
  • Choose the colours you would like to use, shake the bottle of paint and carefully squeeze a small amount onto your tile. Wash your brush between colours.
  • Let me take a look at your finished masterpiece not forgetting to sign and date it.
  • I will then take your piece, dip it in glaze and fire it in the kiln to 1000°C. I will then return your piece to you within a few days. It is suitable for food use and is dishwasher safe but is not recommended for the microwave.

This is a wonderful way to get everyone together, to get creative and have a lot of fun, whether it’s to be a gift for someone or something for yourself it’s a great experience to create something unique at an affordable price.