Children’s Parties

Suitable for children from the age of 5 yrs, I would come to your house or chosen venue and bring everything needed for each child to create their own unique keepsake.

I will help supervise the children throughout, and after they have finished their pieces I will take them away to be fired in the kiln and have them returned to the party host in individual labelled boxes within a week from the party.

1 Hour Party

Suitable for younger children. At just £10 a head, each child gets to decorate either, a mug, a bowl or a plate. Please let me know at time of booking which you would like to have. (minimum of 6 children)

90 minute party

At £15 a head, each child gets to decorate a mug, a bowl or a plate, plus they get to decorate a money box. You can choose from either, a cat, a football or the classic piggy! (minimum of 6 children)

Themed Parties

If you have something more specific in mind there are a variety of pieces you can choose from, from princess parties to a pirate parties I will try to accommodate your needs as much as possible. For more information please contact me. Prices start from just £10 each for a 1 hour party (minimum of 6 children).

That something special

For an additional £8 the birthday child gets a special extra keepsake personalised by all their guests at the party! This is a wonderful way for them to look back in years to come to remember their special day!

Club and Group events (Rainbows, Brownies, Beavers, after school clubs)

For just £6 a head paint your own pottery is great for Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Easter, Halloween, Christmas, or simply just as something different for the children to get involved in.

I will come to your venue and set up 15 minutes prior to the children arriving and assist them whilst they decorate their pieces, giving the group leaders a chance to have a go too! I will then take all the pieces away and aim to return them by your next session.

Adult Sessions / Hen Parties

Why should the children have all the fun, share a relaxing night in with friends at home or wherever you like, giving you a chance to get creative and paint a unique piece of pottery as a gift or as a little something for yourself. With a wide range of pieces to choose from including platters, jugs, vases and even dog bowls, and with prices starting from just £12 this is a great way to unwind and have an enjoyable evening!

If that sounds good, how about inviting Star Bright Ceramics for a hen night? With some wine and the chance to let your imagination lead the way, lots of fun and giggles are bound to follow! Why not let your friends create your own day to day dinner service? And with the chance for them to write their own message on the back of each piece this is something very personal that you can treasure for many years to come!

Baby / Toddler Parties

This is a great way to create that lovely little keepsake. Ideal gifts for the family for Christmas, Birthday’s, Father’s day etc.

I bring everything with me, including a wide range of pieces to choose from with a range of prices and everyone can do as many or as few pieces as they like. I will then take them all back with me and personalise the pieces to your requests and then aim to return them to the party host within 7 days.