Welcome to Starbright Ceramics

Hello, my name is Lisa and welcome to Star Bright Ceramics, a mobile paint your own pottery service based in Braintree, Essex!

This is a wonderful idea for birthday parties, events or simply a ladies night in with a bottle of wine, and as I work on a mobile basis I can arrange to come to your home, school, café, playgroup or wherever you need me to be!

You can let your imagination take over with a wide selection of pottery pieces and paints to choose from. And for those who feel they are a little less creative or in need of some inspiration, there is a wide selection of pictures that you can trace to start you off and for the younger artists I have a range of sponge stamps that will create a simple and easy way for them to get going.

I will provide everything needed from paint brushes to table cloths and will supervise all groups for up to two hours or as arranged. All the paints are completely non-toxic and can easily wash from clothes. And with prices starting from just £6 why not give it a go?